Kris and Mike Holthouse

Kris has a bachelor of science degree in meteorology from The Ohio State University and began her career by working for 5 years for the National Weather Service.

Seeking a change, Kris switched gears to work as an assistant to the Senior Project Manager for a huge $38 million (1999 dollars), 18-month long construction project. Her duties included keeping track of the financial situation and documenting the construction progress of the 700,000 square foot manufacturing facility and warehouse with photographs.

Upon completion of that project, Kris sought out yet another new challenge. Her experience with weather, photography, and construction made her the perfect fit for a position with Above All Photography. After working in the Indianapolis office for 6 years, Kris' entrepreneurial spirit combined with Above All's desire to better serve its customers in an expanding geographic area and Above All - Ohio was born.

Kris' keen eye for color, in-depth knowledge of Photoshop, and her fast and efficient work methods allow her to deliver finished images quickly - usually within 24 hours of the photos being taken. Above All - Ohio's customers often express their appreciation for not only getting their photos quickly, but also for getting them correctly - ready to use right away, the first time!

Kris' husband, Mike, earned his private pilot's license in 1989 and later went on to earn his instrument and commercial ratings. Mike graduated from Ohio State as well, earning his bachelor of science degree through the college of engineering.

Mike has 12+ years of large project construction experience, working as a project engineer, an inspector, and a project manager for many multi-million dollar projects. Mike is also a Level II Certified Infrared Thermographer.

Photography has been a part of Mike's life as far back as he can remember. Never satisfied with the results he got from the little cartridge-film-based cameras and pop-flash bulbs that were popular when he was growing up, he was always experimenting with his mom's "good camera" - burning through far too much film in pursuit of getting better photos.

Always a perfectionist, Mike often pours over 100+ photos of a single site just to make sure we can deliver the 16-20 sharpest possible photos composed at all of the best angles. (Mike knows his limits, however, and after selecting the best technical photos, he wisely passes them off to Kris for the final post processing!)

Kris and Mike have complimentary skill sets which make them a great team. They are absolutely dedicated to delivering the best possible photos to all of their clients. Their pickiness definitely pays off as many of Above All - Ohio's clients will tell you!

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