oblique aerial example photo

Oblique aerial photos are the most common type of aerial. They are taken looking out the side of the aircraft and provide a downward angled perspective of a site. Oblique photos can be taken at steep angles to isolate the subject property or at shallow angles that encompass a wide area and may include the horizon. Oblique aerials visually emphasize structures or properties in the foreground while showing their relationship to the surrounding environment.

Very low obliques are taken from a helicopter at altitudes less than 1,000 feet above the ground. They provide dramatic aerial views that emphasize the vertical dimensions of the subject.

example of an oblique aerial photo taken by helicopter
example of a standard oblique aerial photo

Standard obliques - generally shot at altitudes between 1,500 and 3,500 feet above the ground - are a great way to highlight a retail property, a single building, a construction site, a highway intersection, a residential development, or any small property.

Our standard oblique package includes 8 close-up views of the property from all around, 8 wide angle shots, and any other views that we think look good or views that our clients request (the photo to the left is one of those "other" views...). By the way, we do NOT charge on a per image basis - we typically deliver 20-25 photos to our clients for one low price!

High obliques are shot from 4,000 feet and higher and can be used to capture a broad or wide angle view of large areas such as parks, large developments, and towns. Clients often choose high obliques to emphasize a site's proximity to residential areas, retail centers, entertainment venues, restaurants, industrial parks, schools, and/or medical facilities. A higher shot is also a good way to illustrate the roadways and railways surrounding the subject property and access to it.

example of a high altitude oblique aerial photo

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