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We appreciate all of the feedback we receive from our customers! Please keep it coming!

"Thanks so much for the great shots."

- Solar Power Array Designer/Manufacturer

"My husband loved [the aerial photos] as his birthday present. We're so excited to hang them up in our house..."

- Stock Photo Print Customer

"...those are great pictures! ... The detail is exceptional - I bet I could see a candy wrapper, let alone some new construction..."

- Individual Customer

"The whole world loved the aerial pictures."

- General Contractor

"First of all, these aerials are spectacular!!! I'm excited to present these to our client."

"I'm just sorry we didn't get to work with [Above All - Ohio] from the beginning."

- Commercial Real Estate Marketing Professional

"Wow that was fast!"

"Great shots! (seriously - very nicely done)"

- Fellow Professional Aerial Photographer

"I did receive the photo and it looks amazing..."

- Residential Customer

"You did excellent work for us."

- Legal Client

"You did much better than expected. We are very happy with the project..."

- Business Owner

(Hmmm... that's a funny way to give a compliment, but we'll take it!)

"Those [photos] are great. There's just enough snow cover to make everything stand out really nicely. ... Again, those pictures were all I was hoping for. You did a great job."

- Winter Custom Aerial Photography Service Customer

"Thanks for getting this so quickly."

"Wonderful photos, thank you very much!"

- Park Director

"I appreciate your quick, thorough and professional approach to this project. Your contact information will certainly be added to our preferred vendor list."

- Commercial Property Owner

"These are great ... We will definitely keep you mind if requests like this come again in the future. Thank you so much!"

- Graphics Department Head

"Great shot! This will work well for what we need it for."

- Project Manager

"Nice work! ... Your shots are nice and tack! You've obviously been doing this for awhile."

- Graphics Professional

"Everything ... has been outstanding, I'll never use anyone else for aerial work."

- Project Superintendent

"[Your photos] are amazing! Perfect!"

- Marketing Director

"Thank you so much for doing this on such short notice."

- Marketing Manager

"You guys have been great, I'll use you on every job."

- Sr. Project Manager

"...we will call you the next time that we [need aerial photos]. You did a great job for us."

- Real Estate Professional

"The photos continue to look great. Thanks for your dedication on this project."

- Construction Project Owner

"I really like your work and your professionalism. I promise you that you will always be our first call anywhere close to Ohio."

- Graphics Professional

"These are great. Thanks for getting them to me so quickly."

- Real Estate Investment Banker

"Thanks! You've been a lifesaver. Really appreciate it."

- Graphic Designer

"Thank you! I love the picts!"

- Property Owner

"[The photo] looks good and should work great. Thanks for your help."

- Stock Photo Customer

"They look great! Thanks for the extra effort on this one."

- Marketing Professional

"GREAT job. Glad you [took the photos] on Saturday."

- Commercial Real Rstate Professional

"Thank you for the awesome service and product!"

- Retail Marketing Consultant

"Those are some great photographs and we'll probably use #xxxx on the cover of our marketing piece. We really appreciate the fact that you've been going above and beyond for us..."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional

"The aerials look great! ...we have so many to choose from... Thank you for taking advantage of the good weather and getting these shots to us sooner."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional

"We will definitely keep Above All [Ohio] in mind for all future projects."

- Developer

"You guys do a great job. We will continue aerials until the end of the project."

- Construction Project Manager

"Thank you for the Ohio State Photo. It was wonderful, I am having it framed!!!"

- Homeowner

"Thanks for agreeing to do this job for us on such short notice."

- Marketing Coordinator

"These are great as usual. Thank you so much."

- Residential Real Estate Professional

"I got good reviews on the prints. ... Thanks again for the excellent prints and service!"

- Industrial Property Owner

"We received [the prints] today. They are wonderful. We were all very impressed with them. Thank you again. "

- Paralegal

"Thanks for taking those pictures so fast. It is a pleasure doing business with you."

- Contractor

"You got everything I asked for and more!"

- Commercial Real Estate Professional

"LOVE THEM!! Fabulous job!!!! I can't thank you enough for doing this so quickly. We definitely will be using you again."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional

"Thanks for all the work you are doing to make this a tasteful, well done archive. I've been showing the prints around. People are impressed with the quality. "

- Construction Project Manager

"These are the shots I'm looking for."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional

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