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We appreciate all of the feedback we receive from our customers! Please keep it coming!

"Thanks so much for the great shots."

- Solar Power Array Designer/Manufacturer, 3/19/2012

"My husband loved [the aerial photos] as his birthday present. We're so excited to hang them up in our house..."

- Stock Photo Print Customer, 1/12/2012

"...those are great pictures! ... The detail is exceptional - I bet I could see a candy wrapper, let alone some new construction..."

- Individual Customer, 4/9/2011

"The whole world loved the aerial pictures."

- General Contractor, 4/2/2011

"First of all, these aerials are spectacular!!! I'm excited to present these to our client."

"I'm just sorry we didn't get to work with [Above All - Ohio] from the beginning."

- Commercial Real Estate Marketing Professional, 3/29/2011 & 3/30/2011

"Wow that was fast!"

"Great shots! (seriously - very nicely done)"

- Fellow Professional Aerial Photographer, 11/3/2010

"I did receive the photo and it looks amazing..."

- Residential Customer, 10/22/2010

"You did excellent work for us."

- Legal Client, 7/6/2010

"You did much better than expected. We are very happy with the project..."

- Business Owner, 6/22/2010

(Hmmm... that's a funny way to give a compliment, but we'll take it!)

"Those [photos] are great. There's just enough snow cover to make everything stand out really nicely. ... Again, those pictures were all I was hoping for. You did a great job."

- Winter Custom Aerial Photography Service Customer, 2/2/2010

"Thanks for getting this so quickly."

"Wonderful photos, thank you very much!"

- Park Director, 10/30/2009 and 11/2/2009

"I appreciate your quick, thorough and professional approach to this project. Your contact information will certainly be added to our preferred vendor list."

- Commercial Property Owner, 10/1/2009

"These are great ... We will definitely keep you mind if requests like this come again in the future. Thank you so much!"

- Graphics Department Head, 5/15/2009

"Great shot! This will work well for what we need it for."

- Project Manager, 4/27/2009

"Nice work! ... Your shots are nice and tack! You've obviously been doing this for awhile."

- Graphics Professional, 4/18/2009

"Everything ... has been outstanding, I'll never use anyone else for aerial work."

- Project Superintendent, 10/31/2008

"[Your photos] are amazing! Perfect!"

- Marketing Director, 10/8/2008

"Thank you so much for doing this on such short notice."

- Marketing Manager, 8/26/2008

"You guys have been great, I'll use you on every job."

- Sr. Project Manager, 8/5/2008

"...we will call you the next time that we [need aerial photos]. You did a great job for us."

- Real Estate Professional, 7/30/2008

"The photos continue to look great. Thanks for your dedication on this project."

- Construction Project Owner, 7/15/2008

"I really like your work and your professionalism. I promise you that you will always be our first call anywhere close to Ohio."

- Graphics Professional, 6/23/2008

"These are great. Thanks for getting them to me so quickly."

- Real Estate Investment Banker, 6/3/2008

"Thanks! You've been a lifesaver. Really appreciate it."

- Graphic Designer, 5/30/2008

"Thank you! I love the picts!"

- Property Owner, 5/28/2008

"[The photo] looks good and should work great. Thanks for your help."

- Stock Photo Customer, 5/20/2008

"They look great! Thanks for the extra effort on this one."

- Marketing Professional, 5/2/2008

"GREAT job. Glad you [took the photos] on Saturday."

- Commercial Real Rstate Professional, 3/31/2008

"Thank you for the awesome service and product!"

- Retail Marketing Consultant, 3/6/2008

"Those are some great photographs and we'll probably use #xxxx on the cover of our marketing piece. We really appreciate the fact that you've been going above and beyond for us..."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional, 3/3/2008

"The aerials look great! ...we have so many to choose from... Thank you for taking advantage of the good weather and getting these shots to us sooner."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional, 1/21/2008

"We will definitely keep Above All [Ohio] in mind for all future projects."

- Developer, 1/31/2008

"You guys do a great job. We will continue aerials until the end of the project."

- Construction Project Manager, 1/16/2008

"Thank you for the Ohio State Photo. It was wonderful, I am having it framed!!!"

- Homeowner, 1/3/2008

"Thanks for agreeing to do this job for us on such short notice."

- Marketing Coordinator, 1/3/2008

"These are great as usual. Thank you so much."

- Residential Real Estate Professional, 12/31/2007

"I got good reviews on the prints. ... Thanks again for the excellent prints and service!"

- Industrial Property Owner, 12/11/2007

"We received [the prints] today. They are wonderful. We were all very impressed with them. Thank you again. "

- Paralegal, 12/3/2007

"Thanks for taking those pictures so fast. It is a pleasure doing business with you."

- Contractor, 10/26/2007

"You got everything I asked for and more!"

- Commercial Real Estate Professional, 10/23/2007

"LOVE THEM!! Fabulous job!!!! I can't thank you enough for doing this so quickly. We definitely will be using you again."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional, 8/20/2007

"Thanks for all the work you are doing to make this a tasteful, well done archive. I've been showing the prints around. People are impressed with the quality. "

- Construction Project Manager, 8/1/2007

"These are the shots I'm looking for."

- Commercial Real Estate Professional, 6/25/2007

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