Canon professional cameras and lenses

Our oblique photography is done with the highest quality Canon professional DSLR camera bodies, Canon's highest quality lenses (including specialty architectural lenses for ground shots), and gyro stabilization. This combination provides the sharpest photographs possible for our customers. We can provide high resolution digital files or we can produce razor sharp prints as large as 10 feet wide from individual photos (multi-panel and multi-photo panoramic images can be even larger!).

FLIR Infrared cameras

Infrared thermography is done utilizing advanced, high-resolution FLIR infrared cameras. Thermal images are recorded and interpreted by our own Level 2 Certified Thermographer. Clear, concise reports are generated utilizing powerful analytical software. Our infrared camera is suitable for building, electrical, and mechanical inspections from the ground as well as roofing inspections and wildlife surveys from the air.


Weather conditions have a major impact on the quality of all aerial photographs. Because weather can change rapidly, our window of opportunity for completing your job is often short. Our fast and reliable Cessna 182 Skylane helps us respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. Because we own our own airplane, we are not hindered by plane rental schedules and you can be confident that we will get your job done at the first possible opportunity!


When a lower and closer view of the site is needed, Above All - Ohio has the resources to acquire a helicopter and pilot in order to get the photographer low and close to the site. Although more costly to fly than our airplane, photos taken from helicopters provide dramatic and stunning views that can not be safely or legally acquired from any other platform.


"Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" (also known as UAV's or "drones") are the latest innovation in aerial photography. When ultra low and close aerial views are needed, drones are the answer. Above All - Ohio is both certified and insured for sUAS ("small Unmanned Aerial System") operations. Equally important, we have many more years of EXPERIENCE in aerial photography and video than most "drone only" aerial photographers. We also offer full post-production and video editing services for video.

Above All Aerial & Specialty Photography - Ohio

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