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Aerials are great for showing the big picture, but sometimes close up views are needed. Above All - Ohio's specialty services include "ultra low altitude" aerial photography from an aerial lift (bucket truck) or an aerial photo mast.

The aerial lift provides a unique tree-top perspective from 7 to 45 feet above the ground. High enough to clear cars and most other distracting obstacles, but low enough to show the subject in great detail.

Above All - Ohio's precision aerial mast provides photography suitable for architects and engineers who need to create specific point-of-view renderings. Our aerial mast can be adjusted for any elevation above grade from 7' up to 16' with great accuracy.

Of course, we can also provide eye-level photography in either a standard perspective style or an architectural style.

Whatever your preference, whatever your needs, please contact us to discuss and schedule your photos. Be sure to ask about specially priced aerial plus ground photography packages!

Above All Aerial & Specialty Photography - Ohio

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