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Aerial construction progress photography is a great way to document large projects and developments. Progress shots are equally valuable for owners, project managers, appraisers, architects, engineers, and planners.

Above All - Ohio also provides professional ground-based pre-construction and post-construction video and still photography services. We welcome the opportunity to bid on these services. Please fax the appropriate pages from the specifications (typically section 01 32 33 of standard specs) to us toll-free at 877.247.7495. We will prepare a detailed proposal for you.

Above All - Ohio is a 100% woman owned business. We are incorporated and insured. We are a certified DBE and EDGE company in the state of Ohio.

Above All - Ohio offers construction progress aerial photos to fit YOUR SCHEDULE:
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • By milestone
  • By phase
  • Before and after
  • According to any schedule you require

Above All - Ohio offers construction progress aerial photos to fit YOUR NEEDS:
  • The specific view or views you require
  • Four view standard aerial package
  • Eight view standard aerial package
  • 360 degree aerial coverage of the job site
  • Dramatic aerial time lapse movies
  • Ground-based photography and video
  • Pre-construction and post-construction photography
  • Pre-construction and post-construction video
  • Customized coverage for your requirements

Above All - Ohio speaks your language. We have a staff photographer with a spotless safety record during a 10+ year career of diverse construction inspection and management. His experience includes excavation/dirt work, pavement, structural steel and concrete, pre-fabbed metal buildings, masonry, interior build-outs, insulation, roofing, batch plants, and industrial production lines.

Whether you need photographic or video documentation from the air or on the ground, please contact us today! We will help you get - and stay - ON TOP of your projects!

Above All Aerial & Specialty Photography - Ohio

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