Acquisition is only one part of the infrared imaging process. Once recorded, infrared images must be optimized and analyzed in order to extract useful data. Acquisition and interpretation of thermal images must both be done by someone who is properly trained and certified.

Above All - Ohio has a trained and certified thermographer on staff who will ensure that your images are properly recorded, the data extracted from them is accurate, and the information they provide is presented to you in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner.

Our analytical software allows us to optimize the infrared images we acquire. In addition to being able to read and export over 300,000 individual temperature readings per image, we can change and adjust color palettes to optimize an image and visually bring out very subtle details due to the temperature variations.

In some versions of the infrared image here, you can see the painted center lines on the highway. The center lines are only 6 inches wide and we were over 1,500 feet away from them when the image was acquired.

The center line paint, asphalt, concrete, earth, vegetation, and the vehicles in this image all have different thermal properties. We have a variety of advanced tools at our disposal which take advantage of these differences and allow us to isolate areas of interest (and block out areas that are not of interest, if desired).

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After every job, Above All - Ohio will provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings.

A typical report will include a summary of all items or areas inspected, individual pages for infrared images, visible images, our explanation of the images, and our recommendations for corrective actions as needed.

We will save and archive all of your reports, images, and raw data. On follow-up visits, we will be able to compare new data with historical data and show any trending patterns. Trending analysis is crucial to successful preventative maintenance ("PM"), predictive maintenance ("PdM"), or condition-based maintenance ("CBM") programs.

(Of course, if any condition is identified during our scan that we feel is dangerous or may cause damage to your property or injury to your employees, you will not need to wait for the report - we will alert you immediately!)

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