Interactive maps (like the one at the right or on this page) can be created from geo-coded photos. Add geocoding (also known as "geotagging") to your order and you will be able to search for and view your photos using Google Maps, Google Earth, or other programs. We can geocode your photos with the subject's location or with the location of the camera at the time the photos were taken. The geographic information (latitude, longitude, altitude, and/or viewing direction) is embedded directly into the photos' headers.

Above All - Ohio also offers support for your geocoding needs. We can help you incorporate your geocoded photos into your web site or application. We can create a complete, customized page for your website or provide you with a ready-to-use map that can be dropped into an existing web page.

We have also implemented customized "Get directions" pages for business owners (see the full map sample page) and we regularly use a geo-search application written in-house for locating stock photos near particular locations.

Give us a call to discuss your geo-coding needs today!

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